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THE HEALTHY Achilles Pain Trial

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MUHREC Ethics Number; 36420 and 39058

Primary investigator: Jaryd Bourke


The Physiotherapy Department at Monash University is investigating the efficacy of two types of shoe insert treatments in improving pain and function in Achilles tendinopathy. The trial is led by PhD student Jaryd Bourke. 

We are looking for people who: 

  • Are 18 years or over

  • Have pain in the Achilles area

  • Have pain that is moderate or severe

  • Have suffered Achilles pain for 6 weeks or longer

  • Able to travel to Victoria University for one appointment and complete 3 online surveys

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Participants will receive for free: 

  • Initial treatment procedure

  • Clinical assessment 

  • Ultrasound imaging of your Achilles tendon 

  • 3D biomechanical analysis of you walking and running (optional)

  • Professional advice about managing your Achilles tendon pain

  • Shoe inserts to wear for 12 weeks

All participants will receive treatment free of charge.


This project has been approved by Monash University Human Ethics committee.

If you are interested in participating, please leave your contact details below:

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting! A member of the research team will contact you shortly. 

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